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Ballet at the Lincoln Center in New York

Ballet tickets in New York can be purchased before you leave. It is easy and safe to book your tickets online. A performance of the New York City Ballet can be enjoyed at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. The New York City Ballet have performed great classics such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet. In addition they are also known to stage modern, lesser known ballets. The impressive theatre building in which they perform was designed by Philip Johnson. Throughout the building travertine stone is used, the same stone that was used to build St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome.

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New York City Ballet Schedule

Founded by Léon Barzin, New York City Ballet is one of the world’s leading dance companies. With almost 100 sublime dancers and close to 70-members in the orchestra. They boast the largest repertoire of any ballet company in the United States, staging 60 or more ballets per season. New York City Ballet, as a tradition, performs The Nutcracker every November and December; one of the company’s most complex theatrical stage performances.

How to buy Ballet Tickets

Tickets to the ballet can be ordered by viewing the schedule here. Secure payment can be made by credit card and E-tickets can be issued by e-mail. However, if you choose paper tickets you have the option to either ship them or you can opt to collect your tickets at the local pick-up point in New York. This option is free. If you are unable to print out your purchased tickets, you can do that in the local pick-up point. The pick-up point is centrally located, near the Empire State Building.

E-tickets are always the fastest option. Local pick-up is the best option for all other types of tickets. Both options save shipping costs, so I highly recommend them. Your tickets are 100% guaranteed authentic and delivered on time.

How to get to Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is located in the Upper West Side, between West 62nd and 65th Streets and Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. From Penn Station or Times Square you can take the subway 1 or 2 uptown to 66th Street/Lincoln Center Station. You can’t miss it!

Where to sit

There are 2,586 seats but not all of these offer great sound and a good view of the performance. The best seats to view the ballet are elevated. Try and get a seat at either the First or Second Ring (B or C in the picture below) and within these the first rows of seats.

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David H Koch Theatre

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