Boroughs and Neighbourhoods in New York


New York has five different boroughs: The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. These five boroughs all have a different vibe and interesting culture. Each borough is different from another. Queens is the biggest borough, whereas Manhattan is the smallest. Below you can find more information about each borough and what to do there!

Brooklyn in New York

Borough: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is New York’s most populated borough, with over 2.6 million inhabitants. The name Brooklyn derives from the city of Breukelen in the Netherlands. In addition to the Dutch, Brooklyn’s history…

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Borough: The Bronx

The Bronx has been part of New York City since 1874. With slightly fewer residents than Manhattan, it is almost twice the size: 109 square kilometres. Situated in the north of…

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Queens in New York

Borough: Queens

Queens is one of New Yorks’ five boroughs. Situated East of Manhattan and above Brooklyn, it shares water borders with The Bronx and Manhattan. With 2,230,722 residents (2010) it is the second most populated borough…

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Staten Island in NYC - Staten Island Ferry

Borough: Staten Island

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs in New York. Most visitors will not have this borough listed in their Top 10 to explore in depth. Even so,…

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The neighbourhoods in New York are iconic and belong to the reputation of the big city of dreams. Think about Chinatown, SoHo and the Meatpacking District. One moment you could be in one of the neighbourhoods, and suddenly you’re in the next. There’s a reason they call New York the melting pot! Want to know what to do, where to wine and dine in each of these neighbourhoods? Look no further!

Hells Kitchen in New York

Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton) in New York

Hell’s Kitchen in New York used to be a bad area, but stands out nowadays because of its abundance of nice little bars and restaurants. No New Yorker knows the…

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Governors Island New York

Governors Island New York is a small island 5 minutes away from Downtown Manhattan. The island is the place to escape the urban jungle, to have a stunning view of…

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Neighbourhood: Harlem New York

Tourists often question the safety of Harlem in New York. Many people think that New York is a very dangerous city. That idea comes from the 80’s and early 90’s…

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Meatpacking District in New York

Neighbourhood: Meatpacking District

The Meatpacking District is a district in Manhattan, New York, which runs roughly from West 14th Street to Gansevoort Street and the Hudson River to Hudson Street. In recent years…

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Little Italy Flag

Neighbourhood: Little Italy in New York

In recent years, little by little, Little Italy in New York is being taken over by the expansion of Chinatown. Italian influences are also diminishing because of the original residents…

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Midtown Manhattan in New York

Neighbourhood: Midtown Manhattan

Manhattan is considered the main district of New York City. Midtown Manhattan is one of the 3 parts of the island of Manhattan in New York (along with Uptown and…

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Neighborhood: Chinatown

A wonderful neighbourhood to walk through is Chinatown in New York. Chinese have already inhabited this area since 1850, but great waves of people only moved here from 1965 onwards when…

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Upper West Side in New York

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

A nice neighbourhood to live in is the Upper West Side. Roughly it is that part of Manhattan West of Central Park. There are those that say that it ends…

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Civic Center New York

Neighbourhood: Civic Center

Civiv Center in New York is a district bound in the west by Tribeca at Broadway and in the north by China Town at Worth Street. In the east by…

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Neighbourhood: Upper East Side

Are you a museum lover? Then you certainly have to pay a visit to the Upper East Side. This is where the “Museum Mile” is located, an area with a…

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SoHo in New York

SoHo in New York

SoHo in New York: did you know that this cool name is nothing but an abbreviation for ‘South of Houston’? And that ‘Houston’ is pronounced as ‘house-ton’ as opposed to…

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Lower East Side in New York

Lower East Side in New York is a neighbourhood in Manhattan, between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn – between Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge. This area used to be inhabited by…

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Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a hip and artistic neighbourhood. With the opening of the Williamsburg Bridge in 1903, Williamsburg received many immigrants (Jews, Eastern Europeans and Italians) that were fleeing…

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Theater District in New York

Theater District in New York

The Theater District in New York is the main hub for entertainment in the city. The district stretches from West 40th Street to West 54th Street and from West 6th Avenue…

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West Village in New York

West Village New York

West Village New York is a neighbourhood in Manhattan. It’s a residential area, but one full of nice shops and restaurants – and lots of celebrities as well! To give…

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Cafes and Bistros in The Village in New York

Greenwich Village in New York

Greenwich Village in New York, also known as ‘West Village’ or fondly called ‘The Village’, is located in Manhattan. The area’s intimate, European vibe, with its relatively low buildings, makes…

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Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York

Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York are the heart of the city when it comes to finance and law. The World Trade Center’s iconic Twin Towers used…

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East Village 4th and 1st new york

East Village in New York

The East Village in New York is probably my favourite neighbourhood. Not without reason: I lived here for a while am not the only one who is fond of the…

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Long Island City New York

Long Island City New York is situated near the East River, east of Manhattan. It’s known for its waterside parks, lively art scene and continuous change and renewal. I see…

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TriBeCa in New York

The neighbourhood TriBeCa in New York can be found in Lower Manhattan. Where exactly? Well, it’s all in the name. TriBeCa is an acronym for ‘Triangle Below Canal Street’. That…

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Coney Island in New York

Coney Island is a colourful peninsula with 60.000 inhabitants, situated in south-west Brooklyn. The peninsula is known for its large beach. When visiting Coney Island, you’ll experience the fun fair-like…

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