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Are you looking for a hostel in New York City? Let me help you! There’s one big advantage to hostels in New York: they’re a lot cheaper than hotels. If you don’t mind sharing a room (and the noise/mess that can come with that) then it’s a great alternative. The quality of hostels that you find on this page are good, so it’s a great option for students and young adults. Aside from being cheap, hostels are also great places to socialise and make new friends.

Here are a few good hostels in and outside Manhattan. You can also use the search button below to look for even more hostels. If you use the links below you do not need to pay any booking fees!

In Manhattan

If it’s important to you to stay close to all the attractions that you can find in New York, then a hostel in Manhattan is for you. A hostel here costs a little bit more, but you’ll be in the centre of the city that never sleeps.

Hostelling International

In Hostelling International the dorms are bigger than any other in this overview: 10 to 12 beds per room. The hostel provides you with a comfortable bed and a kitchen to use. There are two large common areas. You can only stay at this hostel if you’re 18 or older or 16 with supervision. The hostel is very close to Times Square and Central Park and is located in the Upper West Side. You can also store your luggage after checking out, which is convenient.

You can get a bed at this hostel from $56.

Outside of Manhattan

If travelling to the city centre really doesn’t bother you, because you’re more worried about your budget then you can get a hostel outside of Manhattan. It’s a great way to experience the other boroughs of New York and you can usually be in the city within an hour, depending on the location.

The Local NYC

In the Local NYC hostel you have the choice between a private room with bathroom or a shared room. The hostel is located in a very artistic neighbourhood in Queens and the metro can take you to Times Square in 20 minutes. This hostel also has a roof terrace if you want to enjoy a drink, and it has a laundry room which is convenient if you want to stay a bit longer. This hostel also plans their own events like movie nights and yoga classes to make sure that everyone’s having a good time!

You can get a shared room from $59 a night and a private room from $74,50 a night.
20 mins from Times Square

The New York Loft Hostel

The New York Loft Hostel is also one that provides you with either a shared room or a private room. The New York Loft Hostel has won many awards and is only 25 minutes away from big sights in New York like the Empire State Building and Times Square. In the summer the hostel provides a free BBQ on Wednesdays and Fridays and in the winter there’s a free fondue on the same days. There are also movie nights in this hostel on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Enough to do. The hostel is for people over 18 only, or 16 if you have parental supervision.

You can get a shared room from $59 and a private room from $65.
30 mins from Times Square

Q4 Hostel

Q4 Hostel is located in Long Island and is rated the best in this region! The hostel is open 24 hours a day and also provides full time security. The hostel doesn’t allow guests under the age of 17 without parental supervision and no meals are included. Other than that you’re very close to the city centre and the rooms are tidy and clean.

You can get a bed from $44 a night.
15 mins from Times Square

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