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Buying New York Yankees tickets is pretty easy. Did you know the New York Yankees often play six times a week? That gives you plenty of options to see them play live. Are you not much of a sports fan, or maybe just not this sport? No problem, the atmosphere alone will be worth a trip to the stadium. Especially since tickets needn’t cost a lot, and you can leave the stadium at any point. If they aren’t playing a home game, consider checking if the New York Mets are. The baseball season runs from April to October.

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Buying New York Yankees Tickets

First choose the date you’d like to visit a baseball game or view the table below. The tickets can be paid by credit card and are sent to your address or email. You can also pick up the tickets in New York for free. If you can’t print out your e-tickets, you can also drop by the office. The office is centrally located, near the Empire State Building.

Choosing e-tickets is the fastest option and local pick-up is the best option for all other tickets. Both of these save shipping costs, so I would highly recommend either option. Your tickets are 100% guaranteed authentic and delivered on time.

The tickets on the site are from season ticket holders who cannot make it, this is why they are available at discounted prices. Sometimes the tickets are more expensive than the original price, this means that the New York Yankees match is sold out.

Yankees Stadion in New York

Where Should I sit at a Yankees Game?

Ticket prices go from $5 up to even a few thousands dollars. A regular, reasonable price for a good seat lies somewhere between $35 and $105 a ticket. The Yankee Stadium is a gigantic stadium and to have a good view you really need to know what seat to choose. Sitting too high up – in the “nosebleed section” – means it’s hard to see the ball, while a spot at the back means you won’t be able to see the entire field.

I advise you to choose seats in the selections I’ve marked red on the chart below. Tickets in the 400-series are usually cheap, but the seats are pretty high up in the stadium.

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New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium Seating Chart

Practical Information

How to get to the Yankee Stadium?

The easiest way to reach the Yankee Stadium is by subway. The stop is called 161st Street and the stadium is right across the station. Subway line 4 brings you directly to the Yankee Stadium. Line B and D go in the same direction, but they don’t always stop at 161st Street station. If you’re getting onto one of these lines, make sure to ask a New Yorker (preferably one with a Yankees shirt) whether the subway stops at the stadium or not. All of these lines basically cross all of Manhattan, so you can hop on at many different stops.

When Should I Arrive at the Stadium?

I would aim for arriving 30 to 60 minutes before the first pitch. Ideally you make sure to be seated at least 5 to 10 minutes before the game starts, so you won’t miss the national anthem, which is quite an event in itself. Although halfway the 7th inning there will be singing again.

How to get Back to Manhattan

Subway will be the best option to get back to Manhattan after the game. Leave a little early if you are worried about the crowds.

Eric’s Tip: Going to a live baseball game in New York is an activity I would recommend to everybody. It’s also a great thing to do for families with children. Don’t feel obliged to stay throughout the entire game. Personally, I usually leave around the eighth inning.

New York Yankees Yankees Stadion

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